What is style?


What is style? 

The standard definition of style is a distinctive appearance or design. 

Our individual styles come from many sources. Our style is influenced by our thoughts, our interests and what influences us on a daily basis. Style is a form of expression. It is our way of telling the world our internal thoughts and desires through the clothes we choose to wear. The clothes we choose to buy and wear tell stories of our goals, dreams and desires. Our daily outfits express what we are feeling that day. 

We shop online and in stores for our style needs. We search and search for those items that give us that feeling we want. Whether that want is wanting to look chic, casual, comfortable, professional, etc... We try on clothes after clothes to find the perfect fit. That perfect fit gives us that perfect look we desire to show off who we are and what our purpose is. We accessorize our looks to announce how simple we are or how outspoken we are. Either way we are, we get the message across to those around us. 

If someone is having a rough day, they may choose to wear all black that day to lay low. On the other hand, that person might just have a strong passion for black and the slimming opportunities it offers. Someone else might wear a bright yellow top because bright colors make them happy. Maybe they are naturally happy or they are trying to be happy again, either way they are showing us their desires. 

Our individual styles tell the story of how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen by others.