Style How-To: Fold a Scarf 5 Different Ways

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As the cold days of winter slowly start to fade with the welcome warmth of spring, a girl's left to wonder: What to wear? The hot-cold months of March and April could call for a sweater or a tank top, depending on the day.

The perfect solution, in our books: the scarf. It'll keep you warm when a cold front comes through; and you can easily shed it when the sun comes out. And it’s a great way to bring together the different colors or themes of an outfit.

Depending on the neckline of your top or the type of occasion, you might want to tie your scarf differently. We've got five different ways to style a your typical long, rectangle-shaped scarf -- read below to learn how to create the perfect look for you.

1. The loose wrap-around. This casual look is perfect for pairing with simple tees, jeans, and everyday looks. Start by draping the scarf around your shoulders, with one side slightly longer than the other. Wrap the long side twice around your neck for an even result. Lay it perfectly for a put-together look, or throw it a bit off center for a more freestyle vibe. Done in under five seconds!

2. The tight wrap-around. Give your scarf a more sophisticated look by tucking in its edges and wrapping it more tightly around your neck. You'll want to follow the same steps as the loose wrap-around; but keep wrapping until you can form a small double-knot with the two scarf ends. Tuck the knot behind the looped scarf to hide it. This scarf style is perfect for fitting into the open V-neck of a peacock jacket or blazer.

3. The easy loop. This on-the-go style can be accomplished in seconds. Simply fold the scarf in half lengthwise, drape it around your shoulders, and then tuck the ends through the folded loop. Tighten or loosen the loop to achieve the look you want. This style is perfect for long, skinny scarves and looks fantastic with scarves that have fringed or embroidered ends.

4. The figure 8. Put a funky twist on the easy loop by adding an additional loop. After you've tucked the ends of the scarf through the folded center, make a gap in the folded center to tuck the ends through one more time (coming from the opposite direction). The end result will loosely resemble a figure 8 and hang down the center of your body. Try pairing this scarf style with a button-up shirt during the day and then unraveling the second loop at night for a more casual appearance.

5. The V. Like its name suggests, this look forms a chic V shape. It's ideal for covering up when wearing a low-cut top at the office -- and for taking off for happy hour. It works especially well for scarfs that have a square or wide rectangle cut. Start by draping the scarf unevenly along your shoulders, and then loop the fabric around your neck once. Take the corner of the longer end of the scarf, and tuck it tightly with the fabric behind your neck -- leaving the other corner exposed in a V shape.

And there you have it -- five ways to tie a single scarf. Stay stylish this season, no matter what the weather!